All that it takes is all that you’ve got

For Henley, it’s more than charitable giving: it’s about finding ways to be of service and giving back to all our connections. We wish to engage in sustainable and responsible activities that enhance our communities and environment.

Our strategy is focused on giving back in activities and behaviours to benefit our global community with an additional passion for real estate focused charities, young people in need and young entrepreneurs.

We will do the little things that matter like paper recycling, food and drink carton recycling and switching off lights. We will enjoy a fun and inclusive social calendar that creates deeper connections with those people around us and we will make a life changing difference to those we support through the Henley Homes of Hope mission. Through Homes of Hope we will strive to build at least one home each year for a family in dire need.

Everyone who works at Henley gives up two days of work time to help others less fortunate in a myriad of practical ways. For some it is the trip to Costa Rica to build homes for others it might be coaching reformed addicts in how to write a CV and apply for a job. Having a heart for the community is a core value for Henley.

Henley Homes of Hope

Join us in this life changing give-back experience, it’s not just about house building, it’s about people building.

Our vision is to be the trusted home for capital, known for smart investing