Originating and managing real estate investments for institutional and private capital investors.



Providing equity capital to a wide range of real estate and alternative investments.



Helping real estate entrepreneurs start and grow substantially bigger enterprises through the provision of capital and expertise.



Backing the brightest ideas and people to build substantial new enterprises.

Henley Investment Management

Henley Private Equity Real Estate Investments

Henley is an international investment and fund management firm with a focus on private equity real estate, deploying both institutional and private investor capital. Henley’s diversified investments span the risk/return spectrum, including opportunistic, value add, core plus and core strategies.

Our first investment principle is to ensure we are preserving invested capital. Our second principle is to fully explore the multitude of options available to maximise returns. Opportunities we pursue typically have some form of arbitrage, distress or dislocation. Our third principle is look at every strategy and investment through an ESG lens; we believe that ESG is at the heart of smart investing and we look to create sustainable returns in an effective and responsible way.

Henley has a large in-house team of investors, advisors, developers and real estate professionals to originate and manage deal activity, and we also partner with like-minded high-quality operating partners.

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Over $3.1bn Deployed Across Multiple Sectors and Geographies

A pie chart showing capital deployed figure of $3.1bn for Henley Investment's - 2023

$BN Capital

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Live Investments

Source: Henley Investment Management Ltd. Capital deployed indicates total capital invested over the period 2006 – 2022 in local currency with exchange rate calculated at point of transaction. For illustrative purposes only. Illiquid investments. Capital at risk. Returns not guaranteed. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Henley Investment Management

We believe we have unrivalled
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Senior Management Team

An experienced team of global investors, operators and entrepreneurs, providing hands on management and value creation throughout the investment lifecycle.

Our vision is to be the trusted home for capital, known for smart investing