An experienced team of global investors

Founded in 2006, Henley is a full service investment firm focused on alternative assets. We originate and manage real estate investment opportunities either through discretionary funds, segregated mandates or opportunity-specific SPV funds. We work with Institutional, Family Office and High Net Worth limited partner investors who join us in these investments.

Since 2017, Henley has operated the fully discretionary fund Secure Income Property Unit Trust (‘SIPUT’), with a 25-year life that is open to large pension fund investors seeking regular inflation protected dividends. This fund closed on Sept 30th 2021 and a SIPUT 2 is a new evergreen fund launched in 2022.

Looking further ahead, Henley plans to launch more discretionary closed end funds and SMAs for opportunistic, value add and core plus strategies.

Capital Deployed

Henley aims to deliver consistent returns across economic cycles whilst making a positive impact. We invest globally in residential, commercial and alternative sectors with a strategy focused on arbitrage, distress or dislocation for our value-add and opportunistic investments. In the core and core plus space, our focus is on high social impact with the provision of long-term social housing.

A graph detailing the capital deployed by Henley Investments from $15m in 2008 to $3.0bn in 2022

Senior Management Team

An experienced team of global investors, operators and entrepreneurs, providing hands on management and value creation throughout the investment lifecycle.

Our vision is to be the trusted home for capital, known for smart investing